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Buy White Doc Cocaine Powder

Buy White Doc Cocaine .White Doc Cocaine contains Levamisole and pure cocaine powder.
It appears as a white powder and most commonly comes in 300mg packs.
Buy Cocaine Online

Cocaine For Sale

Cocaine is a stimulant, which means that it produces a fast, intense feeling of power and energy.

Then it wears off (crack wears off very quickly) and the user feels depressed and nervous and craves more of the drug to feel good again.

Buy White Doc Cocaine

Buy White Doc Cocaine

Buy White Doc Cocaine

Cocaine is so addictive that someone can get hooked after trying it just once.

Snorting cocaine can damage the septum between the nostrils, causing a hole in the middle of the nose.

Cocaine makes your heart beat faster and your blood pressure and body temperature go up. It can make a person’s heart beat abnormally.

Cocaine is so dangerous that using it just once can make you have a heart attack or stroke and can kill you.

Buy White Doc Cocaine

Buy White Doc Cocaine

First Hand Cocaine From South America

Uncut So You Can Get The Best Experience

I Like South America Because Of Its Coffee Beans And Cocaine

We ship from Germany

White Doc Cocaine For Sale Online

*** Product Information ***

High Quality White Doc Cocaine Online

*Straight out of Colombia
*Great Taste
*Great smell
*Great for the nose, iv and smoke

White Doc Cocaine for sale,


White Doc Cocaine on sale

Cheap White Doc Cocaine Online

Fishscale Cocaine Colombian 90% 50gr

Directly cut from the brick

Lab Code: W020258 (Wedinos) – This batch has come back from the lab clean with no cuts!

Where To Order White Doc Cocaine Online

Introducing VEVO-5! Happy to return with this batch; for those of you who haven’t tried our cocaine before it may be an eye opener. Please dose accordingly as with this kind of cocaine is best enjoyed with small bumps; with care taken not to redose over-frequently.

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As always our cocaine is:
Euphoric . To Buy White Doc Cocaine Online contact us 



5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1kg

2 reviews for Buy White Doc Cocaine

  1. Shaunn Depp

    Honestly, I think you guys are pretty fair. C.White is pretty expensive here in Melbourne.
    Definitely a plug for me.

  2. Abbie

    My order came 3 days late.
    But I was told I was going to get it in 4 days from the United States.

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